Which card will be your child's favourite?

Bedtime battles?

Bedtime battles?

Little Stars Bedtime Cards to the rescue! Slip a card under the pillow. Let your child discover it. Then spend a few meaningful minutes together. The affirming questions on the back of each card make it easy for kids to talk—and easy for parents to listen. Great for parents, grandparents—or any loving adult—to share with the special kids in their lives!

Genuinely listening to your child is a gift of love that pays big dividends.

Bedtime Cards make it easy, and will help you build a pattern of open, meaningful communication with your child.

Adorable characters kids can relate to
✓ Themes that help kids feel good about themselves: I like who I am, I have lots of people who love me, I can do hard things, I like to move my body...and 24 more
Bond at bedtime: step away from technology and have a real connection at the end of the day
✓ Kids drift off feeling loved and secure
✓ For kids 3 to 6 years old

What's in the box?

What's in the box?

28 themed cards with engaging discussion questions on the back.

You'll also find 3 "Meet the Little Stars" cards, and a parent guide with tips to help you get started.

Shipping is always free!

Enjoy the cards time and time again: Many parents find that their kids have favourite cards that are particularly comforting to them, or enjoyable for them to talk about. Kids look forward to finding a Little Stars Bedtime Card under their pillow each night.

What parents are saying

What parents are saying

"I'm not sure what it is about the cards... but they trigger such positive thoughts that our boys just tuck under the covers and smile as they drift off to sleep. Bedtime is less of a battle. The cards are motivators to tuck in and share some quality time."
- Fiona, mom of Caelan and Devyn, age 5

"Using Little Stars really creates a special time for important and foundational conversations between us."
- Pam, mom of Leslie, age 4

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About Us

About Us

Little Stars Bedtime Cards were created by Shannon McQuillan and Linda Komori of Kamloops, BC. Drawing on her use of affirmative inquiry in the workplace, Shannon developed a routine of asking her young sons affirming questions before bed. She found that this kind of bedtime ritual helped her kids to slow down, open up, talk, and settle into sleep more easily. Looking for a way to translate her family's valuable bedtime ritual into a parenting tool that could help others, Shannon approached her friend Linda, an artist and parent of her own two young children. Linda created the Little Stars characters as a way to make it easy for kids to relate to the themes and talk about their own feelings.